Most Common Dogs In the USA

golden retreiver

Below is our list of the most common pet dogs that you will find in houses across the US these days.

Shih Tzu

It is a very popular breed in Asian countries. It is a small dog of Tibetan origin and with a spectacularly long and silky hair which adds to its beauty. They are very kind dogs, patient and very quiet that where they most enjoy is on the sofa. They are ideal for couples or old people.


It is a very small dog with a flat face, large eyes and flat nose that gives charm but also increases the risk of health problems such as eye injuries or respiratory diseases. The Pug is also an ideal dog for kids: fun, lively and playful but stubborn to train.


This French breed is considered the second most intelligent dog after the Collie and before the German Shepherd. It is a multi-talented dog that is skilled in numerous sports and dog labor tasks, as obedient, alert. Since the 18th century there are smaller versions of the great standard poodle so it is possible to acquire a smaller version for a family.

Among the good things with the Poodle is its intelligence and the fact that it does not smell too bad. Among the disadvantages are some hereditary diseases, problems in the gums and the fact that they do not shed their hair, which implies that you have to cut it a bit more often than other breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier

Also known as Yorkie, this North East England terrier is nowadays the most popular lap dog on the planet. This breed was developed from the end of the XVIII as hunters of vermin in the textile factories. It is a small dog and has a silky coat blue coat. They are tenacious, stubborn, vivacious and are good guardians.

Among their problems, the result of the selection of smaller dogs, are: tracheal collapse, deterioration of kneecaps and gum disease.


Also known as the German Bulldog, it is a large dog with short hair, a broad skull, a square muzzle, very strong jaws and a powerful jaw to cling to large prey. It is a race suitable for active families and also for children, because despite its intimidating aspect is very docile and will be an eternal playmate.

Unfortunately, this breed has serious health problems and has a lower than average life expectancy.


This breed from Germany has some very interesting nicknames like the Weenie Dog or Wiener. It has 3 varieties for its size and 3 other varieties for its coat. They are true short-legged dwarf dogs and real hardened hunters who are courageous. Among its advantages are its easy training, affection and intelligence.

Golden Retriever

This golden dog has a golden temperament and a spirit that is full of generosity. The Golden Retriever is a Scottish hunting dog specializing in the recovery of waterfowl hunted with rifles. It has, however, achieved its place among the most popular companion dogs thanks to its sensitivity, dedication, easy socialization and the fact that it seldom bites, which makes it the ideal for children.

Just as the Labrador retriever, it is also appreciated as a working dog in tasks like: a guide for the blind, a dog for the deaf, a hunting dog, an illegal drug detector, search and rescue.


It is a small to medium sized dog from Great Britain and very popular in the USA. The most famous Beagle in the world is Snoopy from the TV show. For centuries the Beagle has served in hunting activities, specializing in the hunting of rabbits and birds, being able to work alone or in pack. Currently they are also used for drug and food detection tasks in police and customs departments. They are very tolerant dogs with other dogs and have an extroverted temperament, calm and affectionate.

Among their problems is the irrepressible urge to hunt small animals so they are not fit to share space with other pets.

German Shepherd

Also known as GSD, it is perhaps the most known and numerous dog in the world. It is a very intelligent breed that has been used since the beginning of the 20th century in military and police tasks in multiple functions, being recognized as the most successful for this work. The reputation of this race increased thanks to the Hollywood films of the 50 and 60 and to the television series the adventures of “Rin Tin Tin”. With family he is friendly, obedient and have great skills for tasks such as grazing and surveillance, given his particular caution towards the unknown.

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