How To Make A Home For Your Dog

dog house

Hi, people, Today I will share with you an easy and fast way to build a home for your dog.

Materials you will need:
-wood 70mm x 2m (the amount depends on the the size of the doghouse)
-screws for joining wood and / or rivets
-Wooden plywoood for lining (quantity according to size) can also be used with pressed wood boards.
-layer to make the roof


-Metric tape

-Scissors for sheet metal cutting

-Screwdriver or / and Drill


Step: 1.

First we will take the measurements for the house according to the size of our pet in order to make the cuts. In my case I did it at 60cm x 40cm high base with a slight incline and 70cm long.

Step 2. Once the cuts of the aluminum frame have been made, join the ends with a self-piercing screw on each side.

To be taken into account for the location of the aluminum profiles: Metric tape, Scissors for sheet metal cutting.

For the base we will leave the side face up so we can rivet the plywood for the floor to prevent the dog from getting out.

For the sides we leave the side of the sheet out to rivet the woods and form what would be the side walls. For the upper part also leave the sheet metal part of the profile upwards to screw the ceiling.

Step 3.I finished with the two parts of the structure exactly the same, I then proceed to join them with the boards to make them sturdy.

Step 4.In the back of the dog house, we cover the walls completely with strong plywood.

Step 5. With the front I complicate a bit with the removable dog but I could an easier one if needed. My dog likes to come and go as he pleases so I choose to make a cool door for him.

Hope these instructions are ok for you.